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Listed below are the Precision Planting, Yetter Mfg, Martin-Till, Copperhead Ag, Schaffert Mfg, and TruAg products that we offer. Our goal is to help you make more money from your crop by producing 12-16 more bushels per acre using our products.



This poly attachment helps the seed get to the deepest part of the trench and avoid bouncing, thus increasing germination. See an increase of up to 6 bushels per acre.

As MeterMax Plus technicians, just bring us your meters and a seed sample for analysis and we can correctly calibrate your machine.

Precision meters and accessories to improve your planter’s performance

Update your pressure setting from your cab to help reduce residue on the go.

Track and solve problems while you are planting using the 20/20 SeedSense Monitoring System. Get better information on the go to help improve productivity.

Combines the information on down force from SeedSense and pneumatic down pressure systems to automatically increase or decrease the weight on the row unit. So, you get consistent down force across all soil types and field conditions.

Combines with 20/20 SeedSense to provide automatic control of variable rate drive systems (to change plant populations) and swath control (to shut off individual rows or sections of the planter). You can utilize AutoMap or AutoMap Express to quickly and easily write population prescriptions.

For measuring population, seed spacing, skips and doubles, you depend on the accuracy of your seed sensors.

Respond to your vacuum planter’s headaches with the simple logic of eSet and singulate Every Seed Every Time.

Move your seed tube sensor out of the way and tackle annoying seed tube wear with this sensible redesign that leads to smooth sailing and long life.

Extend the wear life and improves meter performance.