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Eliminate seed bounce and allow your seeds to go straight to the trench with BullsEye® Seed Tubes.

By strategically placing the sensor out of range of touching the seed, the seed tube design gives the seed a straight path, preventing ricocheting and removing the chance of skips or doubles in your planting.

Tungsten carbide gives the tip of the seed tube an advantage by defeating the risk of extended wear on your tubes. This will save you money and allow you to plant more acres in-between replacements.


The tubes shown in the photos were both used in the same row unit during planting. The standard tube on the left displays significant wear after only 16 acres. The BullsEye, which uses the tungsten carbide, located on the right has traveled 92 acres and has virtually no wear. Being able to travel more acres without replacing equipment offers a huge advantage to your planting because seeds are evenly dispersed and your time can be spent producing more bushels per acre.