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A & A Nielsen Farms, Inc has been a leader in the farming industry for ten years, five of which have been focused on Precision Planting. Our passion in farming and our attention to detail is what we pride ourselves in and we want to share that with you.

It is our goal to help other corn growers yield up to 2,000 more ears (or 12-16 additional bushels) per acre from their crop each year through the use of precision planting. By improving variables such as seed spacing, depth control and improving the seed environment we can enhance the root development of the plant and obtain higher yields.

Investing in new equipment, such as a planter, is a very important decision. We have years of experience in consulting with farmers and documentation to support our investigations into the type of equipment and tools that will increase your productivity. We consider the pros and cons of everything from planter size to seed head delivery systems, from row shutoffs to row cleaners.

A&A Nielsen Farms - Your Precision Planting Dealer

Precision Planting is a company at the forefront of technology in the farming industry. They manufacture products to be used with your equipment to help improve plant performance and reduce costs. A & A Nielsen is happy to be associated with them and bring their high quality products to you.

Some of the products created by Precision Planting include the Keeton Seed Firmer, a winner No-Till Product of the Year Award, the MeterMax calibration system and several tools to assist with singulation and germination. Check out our products section to find out more about the Precision Planting products that we offer.